Active Air Purification

with RGF UV-PHI® Technology

Actively Sanitize the Air and Surfaces

How It Works

  • Sanitizes air and surfaces
  • Sanitizes with safe levels of naturally occurring hydroperoxides
  • Safe for all passengers
  • Lower overhead cost on traditional disinfectants
  • Millions in service globally

What Does It Do

  • Kills 99% of germs, microbes, viruses, bacteria in air and on surfaces
  • Effective against SARS, MERS, COVID Viruses
  • Increases air quality and safety for ridership
  • Causes no damage to interior surfaces


First Responder


School Bus


Safety for the ones who keep us safe

When seconds count, our first responders can rest assured they’re protected with the most advanced technology designed to treat the air and surfaces around them.

Creating a safer school bus environment

At United Safety we believe it is our responsibility to protect students and operators that are riding on school buses every day.