AF-X Fireblocker

Activate maximum performance.

AF-X solution combines the use of aerosol particles and the latest technological advancements to provide superior fire protection. The AF-X system can be coupled with off the shelf fire AS compliant panels with integrated gas cards or supervised compatible outputs.

Our reliable systems perform and protect everything from engine fire to debris fire, without deterring operation. 

AF-X Aerosol Protection

See how our aerosol fire suppression system can go to work for your business.

Product Features

Distribution network

The AF-X is a self-contained unit featuring an integrated activation and discharge network.


Detection & Actuation network

  • Dual circuit: two circuits detect smoke or heat to activate the system
  • Fail to safe: the system will auto-activate at 300° C
  • Manual activation

Options for Customisation

Alarm Panels

The AF-X system can be coupled with off-the-shelf fire AS compliant panels with integrated gas cards or supervised compatible outputs.


System Sizing

The AF-X system is available in multiple sizes with two variants: 

  • Nano: this variant is the latest in technology and provides great performance for LiPo batteries. 
  • Carbon: this variant is an environmentally aware solution designed to replace most gaseous systems.

Compliance & Environment

AS4487-2013 Self contained aerosol


Environmentally friendly









SDS Carbon

SDS Nano

Data Sheets & Resources

Learn more about our Nano Series.

Learn more about our Carbon Series Generators.

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