Fire Safety Assessment & Annual Fire Safety Statements

Accredited Professionals

Provisions for development certification and fire safety requirements are now located in the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021. Changes were made to the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 in July 2020, and aim to improve the rigour and checking of the design, approval, construction and maintenance phases of the building life cycle.

One of these changes is that ‘competent fire safety practitioners’ are now known as ‘accredited practitioners (fire safety)’. Only practitioners accredited by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) can perform the functions of an accredited practitioner (fire safety) where that function is covered by the FPAA scheme.

  • United Safety and Survivability have several accredited practitioners and designers who hold accreditation under the FPAA scheme for:
    • Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) – Our accredited practitioners (fire safety) will assess, inspect and verify the performance of each fire safety measure that applies to the building.
    • Annual Fire Safety Statements – Issued and includes all the essential fire safety measures that apply to a building. The statement also verifies that an accredited practitioner (fire safety) has inspected and confirmed that the exit systems in the building comply with the Regulation.

We commit to training our staff to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest developments in fire protection standards and technology.

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