Get advanced foam fire protection.

With the largest range of cylinder options in the Australian market, our foam fire suppression system is designed to provide protection through a combination of water spray and foaming agent.

Made in Australia, the Alarm panels are specifically designed to accommodate the range of detection and activation methods. Additional key features include engine shutdown, battery back-up and multiple detection types.

Qtec Foam Fire Suppression

See how our advanced foam fire suppression system can protect your business.

Product Features

  • Combination hoses, stainless steel tubing and brass nozzles
  • Differing angles and flow rates to suit your needs
  • Additional options: full stainless steel or plated brass


Detection & Actuation Network

  • Loss Of Pressure (LOP) detection: Provides a ‘fail to safe’ option; operates regardless of whether the machine is on or power is available
  • ROP actuation (can be integrated with LOP detection)
  • Electrical detection: Activates a metron or solenoid

Options for Customization

Alarm Panels

  • Australian-made 
  • Designed specifically to accommodate a range of detection and activation methods
  • Additional attributes: engine shutdown, battery backup and multiple detection types


System Sizing

The Qtec VDAS system is available in two ranges. The standard system provides for a range of vertically placed cylinders, whilst the new compact range allows for cylinders to be oriented horizontally.

Compliance & Environment

Australian Made

AS5062-2016 compliant

Fluorine Free Foams







SDS Nitrogen

Industries We Serve


Solutions for all risk areas, with a focus on reliability and durability to withstand harsh conditions.

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Installation and servicing of efficient, versatile fire suppression systems for tunneling machines and vehicles.

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Extended discharge duration and cooling features that prevent reignition keep bus passengers and operators safe and protected.

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Solutions that provide recycling and waste management workers additional time to extinguish fires and move to safety.

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An environmentally friendly solution that provides a total flood application to cool and smother fire.

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Reliable fire detection and suppression systems for even the most hardworking machinery.

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Active cooling, extended discharge duration and hydro-pneumatic activation keep trucks and drivers safe, even when the truck is off.

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A full range of fire depot equipment, commercial sprinkler systems and annual servicing to meet your business’s needs.

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Firestorm’s rugged and reliable AFEX systems protect your agricultural equipment from debris and residue fire risks.

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Oil, Gas & Energy

Reliable solutions for high-risk environments and challenging equipment.

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