Safe Drivers Make Safer Fleets

Embrace the future of driver safety with AI-powered digital solutions.

The most effective driver behavior management solution for the bus and coach industry

Safe Drivers, Efficient Fleets

The GreenRoad Platform allows you to take a holistic approach to managing fleets, with all the tools you need to increase safety, mitigate risk and minimize operational costs.

Bus and Coach

When passengers are your business, safety and comfort are non-negotiable.
Our AI-driven safety telematics solutions motivate your drivers to drive safely and smoothly, leading to improved fuel-efficiency, EV range, lower emissions and reduced accidents.

Waste and Recycling

GreenRoad Fleet Safety Solutions enhance safety for waste & recycling vehicle drivers with real-time monitoring and feedback, reducing risky behaviors and managing fatigue. They boost efficiency by encouraging fuel-saving driving habits and cutting maintenance costs. Additionally, GreenRoad ensures compliance with regulations, supports personalized training based on data-driven insights, and helps lower emissions, making recycling operations safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly.


GreenRoad Fleet Safety Solutions enhances mining vehicles’ safety by providing real-time driver behavior monitoring, reducing risky behaviors, and managing fatigue. They promote fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs through improved driving habits, ensure regulatory compliance, support personalized training, and reduce emissions. These benefits lead to a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly mining operation. Extend your digitalisation program easily to road safety, keeping your staff safe – even in remote locations.

Keep Your Fleet Safe

Real-time coaching

Behavior change is most effective with real-time feedback. Using an in-cab LED solution, driver app, road and driver facing cameras, we monitor driving behavior to alert mangers and drivers in real-time.

Safety management

Track your fleet in real-time, analyze safety incidents, map high risk areas, optimize idling time, monitor fuel consumption and maintenance. All on a single platform.

Ease of use

Hardware or software, our solution is intuitive and unintrusive, easy to install and easy to use for all team members, from drivers to fleet managers.

Driver focused

Safe drivers are the key to safer fleets. GreenRoad’s driver app helps you secure buy-in using gamification, acknowledgement, personalized tips and more.

Deep and accurate data

We detect 150 types of risky maneuvers – minor as well as major – to offer personalized driver coaching. Using predictive artificial intelligence (AI), we prevent unsafe driving habits from escalating.

API integration

GreenRoad integrates seamlessly with other bus and coach solutions, sensors and 3rd party data so you can see everything you need on a single platform.