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United Safety has years of experience in the building and construction sector, including project management, quality performance activities pertaining to all facets of passive fire, and designing and constructing compliance systems to satisfy all requirements. At United Safety, we provide a full range of services for passive fire protection.

  • Installation
  • Inspection & Certification
  • Creation of Baseline Data
  • Audits & Report Compilation
  • Maintenance
  • Rectification
  • Technical, Legislative & Quality Assurance (QA) Consultation

Industry Experts

United Safety has the required industry experience and expertise to address all levels of passive fire needs, from small systems to large installations, that provide compliance by achieving the requirements of the National Construction Code Part C3.15 Protection of Openings. Meeting compliance with Regulatory Requirements is important to United Safety, and the following codes are represented here:
  • Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979
  • Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000
  • National Construction Code or Building Code of Australia
  • AS 1851-2012 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
All products and materials we endorse, specify or use are tested and approved following relevant Australian Standards. We can help specify the right passive fire protection system using products from leading manufacturers, including TBA FireFly, Promat, Trafalgar, Knauf, CSR and Boral.

Services Description


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United Safety installs passive fire equipment in any new or existing building.• Installation and certification of Fire and smoke elements – vertical and horizontal, including walls, floors, ceilings, access panels and hatches.

  • Protection of beams, columns, girders, trusses etc.
  • Installation and certification of Fire resistant door sets, hinged and pivoted, and horizontal sliding doors, including smoke doors, Fire shutters, Fire rated glazing and Ducts and Dampers.

Inspection & Certification

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We perform QA and audit inspections and certification of new and existing buildings.

  • Fire rating inspections and certifications to ensure all passive fire aspects of the building are compliant with the highest possible quality.
  • Our passive fire inspection report outlines critical and non-critical defects and records all assets relevant to the passive fire protection log.

Rectification & Maintenance

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Our commitment is to provide a quality service that meets client expectations regarding building compliance and occupant safety. Services include:

  • Fire-resisted doors, windows, shutters and access panels.
  • Fire and smoke barriers include fire-rated walls, block works walls, fire-rated ceilings, cavity fire barriers and fire dampers.
  • Fire-stopping elements include fire-rated board encasements, fire collars, construction joint seals and switch box penetration seals.

Audits & Report Compilation

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During our compliance/essential services inspection, we can determine the compliant and non-compliant works. We also provide a comprehensive report outlining the critical and non-critical defects, together with rectification works required to bring everything up to code and our overall price to complete these works. This full itemised audit report is complete with cost analysis and photographic evidence.

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