Sy-Klone Cab Air Quality Systems

Minimize Dust Maximize Protection

Protect heavy mobile equipment operators and engines in high-debris work environments

What is a Cab Air Quality System?

A complete system is comprised of three parts:

  • Fresh Air Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer
  • High-Efficiency Recirculation Filtration
  • Pressure Monitor

How Complete Cab Air Quality System Works:

  1. Fresh air and debris are pulled into the powered pre-cleaner/filter/pressurizer (RESPA-CF2 shown).
  2. Debris is separated from the airflow and ejected.
  3. Cleaned and filtered air is delivered to the machine’s HVAC unit without added restriction by the powered RESPA unit. This creates a positive pressure, which prevents dust sucking into the cab.
  4. Clean, filtered, and conditioned air flows through the cab.
  5. Monitor alerts the operator to loss of positive pressure in the cab and when to change the RESPA filter.
  6. High-efficiency recirculation filtration (powered RESPA-CFX or non-powered RESPA-FFX2) continuously removes dust from the cab, minimizing settled dust accumulation. Clean, filtered air flows back to the HVAC plenum.

Why use a Sy-Klone RESPA Air Quality System?

  • Meets ISO 23875 (global standard for cab air quality) engineering control requirements when configured with EPA or HEPA filtration and the RESPA Advisor+ CO2 + Pressure Monitor.
  • Mining Air quality control systems for operator enclosures performance requirements and test methods pave the way to ensure the safety of all operators of mobile machinery. Syklone products improve air quality and reduce occupational exposure to meet cab quality standards.
  • Meets engineering controls criteria specified by OSHA Silica Rules, including precleaning, MERV 16 or better filtration, positive pressurization, and settled dust removal.
  • Protect operator health
  • Dramatically extend filter life
  • Increase operator comfort and productivity
  • Decrease operational cost
  • Reduce environmental contamination and deterioration of cab electronics
  • Endorsed by ISEEE as a Best Practice Component

Where can you use the RESPA Air Quality Systems?

  • Operator Cabs
  • Control Rooms
  • Trailers
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • and more

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