LSM Tyreguard® Tyre Monitoring Systems

Monitors the pressure and temperature of your tyres

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystem integration are used for accurately monitoring Tyre and Wheel Pressures and Temperatures. LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems integration and can be utilised on any vehicle or machine that has a pneumatic tyre – from heavy industrial equipment to domestic vehicles.

LSM Technologies is the sole distributor in Australasia for Doran Tyre Monitoring System Technology.

In-Cabin Display

An In-Cabin Display Monitor provides the Operator / Driver with audible and visual alarms when an issue occurs with the Tyres or Wheels.

In-Cabin Display

  • Visual / Audible alerts Driver / Operator (during operation), there is a Pressure / Temperature issue with the tyre.
  • Provides for Pre- Start Checks / Alerts.
  • Monitoring / Displays up to 8 Tow Vehicles (Trailers / Dollies)  and 180 Tyre Sensors.
  • Full “Drop & Hook” Capability.
  • Robust against Temperature / Vibration / Dust.
  • Quick / ease Programming Sensors.
  • Telematics Integration with back- to- base reporting / compliance / data Analysis.

Alerts and Alarms

  • High-Temperature Alert >80DegC.
  • Low-Pressure Alert I (>12% loss).
  • Low-Pressure Alerts II (>25% loss).
  • High-Pressure Alert (>25% increase).
  • Fast leak Alerts- Rapid Air Loss- Blow-out (2.8 psi- 12 secs).

Wireless Tyre (External) Sensors

The wireless sensors are built with an innovative three-piece seal design to maximise valve core depression and minimise potential leaks.


  • Wirelessly report Air Pressure & Temperature to In-Cabin Display.
  • Either External or Internal mounted Sensors to air-valve (steel) stems.
  • Easily removed  / replaced / programmed.
  • Fully Sealed- 100% Waterproof- Encapsulated (eg. battery not replaceable).
  • Proven Heavy Duty & Reliable Technology.
  • Robust- Impact / Vibration Proof.
  • Tested / Certified for DG (Dangerous Goods) Transport Vehicles.
  • Tested / Certified to SAE J2848 &J1455 Standards.
  • Service Life 4-5 years before replacement.
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