Safety is our top priority.

We’re helping to bring PPE (personal protection equipment) to those who need it most. Operators and passengers of transit vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, as well as those serving on the front lines deserve the best safety protections available, and we’re proud to be able to serve this need.

Traditional PPE

Respirator Masks

Injection molded, with 2 Straps

3-Pleat Mask

With 2 Straps, Non-medical use

N95 Mask

With 2 straps

Face Shield Model 5

Reusable / Decon style with band

Face Shield Model 1

Foam and PetG shield with band style

Door Opener

Made with 304 stainless steel, antimicrobial coating, safely open doors and bottles.

Isolation Gowns

Made with polypropylene, yellow


Transit PPE


Antimicrobial spray for interior and exterior treatment, creates protective barrier preventing growth of microbes

Portable UV-C Air & Surface Disinfection Lamp

Portable UV-C unit with service option, kills many viral, bacterial, fungal pathogens & bed bug eggs.

United Safety Active Air Purification with PHI® Technology

Uses UV light to produce airborne hydro-peroxides, reducing bacteria, virus, mold, odor and VOCs quickly and efficiently throughout the space.

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Mask Box Holder

Mask holder designed to fit on interior grab rails, elastic bungee cord holds box in place.

Do Not Sit Cover

Easy to clean, easy to remove and install, multiple styles available.